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Helping us understand race relations

The Runnymede Collection is an archive of documents that has been critical in the fight for racial equality in Britain since the 1960s. The Runnymede Trust - a UK organisation that promotes ethnic and cultural diversity - has donated this significant collection to the Centre for Racial Equality Studies at Middlesex University.

Equality is an important issue for the staff and student community at Middlesex and as an area of academic study. The Centre, based in the School of Health and Social Sciences, is at the forefront of promoting race relations study and research.

The principle function of the Runnymede Trust has been to provide briefs, background papers and research data for MPs, civil servants others concerned with public policy on racial discrimination and the techniques for overcoming it. The Collection reveals the diverse sources of information that the Trust used in its research and campaigning.

Staff, students and the general public will have access to the documents, which will be used to create an on-line teaching resource.

Professor Mirza, Head of the Centre for Racial Equality Studies, says:

"If we are to move toward a more representative global multicultural Britain we need to reveal our hidden histories and be encouraged to do it for ourselves.

"By telling the story of how racial justice evolved by reasoned argument and the persistent lobbying of strong characters, the Collection demonstrates the role of parliamentary democracy in achieving social change, by using examples such as the achievement of the landmark 1976 Race Relations Act."

The Runnymede Collection is also supported by:

Heritage Lottery Fund and The Pilgrim Trust

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